5 Retro Games That People Still Love

In the world of video games, weather it’s playing at home or spending money in the arcades, we love the sounds and lights of the game. It’s entertaining, challenging, and a way to waste time if we can spare the time. Throughout the years there are five video games that may seem old, but people still love to play.

Pac man and Ms. Pac Man is one retro game that is considered to be an arcade classic. When a person has extra change, anyone can play this classic game. Players can easily move the joysticks to avoid the ghosts and eat the fruits. The game can last as long as the player can stay alive or have extra change to spare.

Another retro game that is an arcade classic is Street Fighter II. The game has many fighters to choose from. Any player can pick the fighter and try their best to beat the fighter-either from the video game or from a second player. The game was so popular that at one point parents were concern due to the violence content.

With puzzles and fantasy, the retro game that stands out is Legend of Zelda. In the game, Link uses the power of the Triforce to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule. Players have to solve puzzles and defeat the bosses to win the game. There are parts may be difficult, but it’s a fun challenging game.

Super Mario Bros. is the most known video game to be played in the video game world. This game started off as an arcade game, then became the original game on the Nintendo gaming system. Mario and Luigi are saving Mushroom land and Princess Toadstool from King Koopa. This game has many spinoffs and the goal is the same. The game is simple and entertaining to play.