Some Major Trends in the Video Game Industry This Year



The Internet changes rapidly, and many analysts expect some significant developments to occur in video gaming this year. Considering that the world-wide market for video games exceeds $115 billion, keeping track of new trends interests many people and businesses.

Enhanced Mobility

With more new devices appearing on the marketplace involving Internet connectivity, from wearable jewelry to watches, video games that cater to a mobile audience should find a receptive audience in 2015. This situation will likely require game designers to create materials for additional platforms, beyond the standard mac and PC and video gaming consoles.

Dinosaur Themes

Participants at a global toy trade show held recently in New York note that dinosaur-themed games may receive increasing interest this year. Hasbro recently developed a number of interactive toys and games using this theme, for instance. Writing for Fortune, John Kell explains that in June, another sequel in the popular Jurassic Park movie franchise is expected to appear at movie theaters, perhaps creating additional interest in this theme.

Greater Interactivity

Authoritative media sources have mentioned several issues which suggest that video games in 2015 will likely face very interactive competition in the gaming market. For one thing, the acquisitions by Facebook and Amazon of some high tech firms with the ability to present virtual reality and live streamed games may give a new impetus to these trends.

Video Games in Social Media Platforms

Additionally, video games today increasingly appear on social media platforms. Many game companies already design their software for multiple industries, such as game sites and casino sites. For example, many casino video games can be played for fun in one setting, and coins in another. Soon these companies may find yet a third venue available, by designing video games that also attract the interest of mainly social media visitors.