The Top 3 Selling PC Games of 2014


Video games are something that have been with us for a long period of time and likely will be with us for some time to come as they are the mainstay of many people’s lives. Games that include battle skills auto theft, sports games and touring virtual worlds are some of the many games that are available.

It is safe to say the video gaming industry has games with great graphics and realistic action that appeal to every kind of user. Make sure you get these great games and enjoy your great gaming options. There are the kinds of things you can use.

Although there are many great games there are a few that seem to be the favorites of users. The top 3 selling PC games of 2014 were
1. Call of Duty: Ghosts which is available in multiple formats for gamers including pc. This game has been a best seller worldwide in many different formats.

2. NBA 2K14 This is one of the newer games to hit the scene and was widely popular through the first quarter of 2014, this game is also available in many formats including pc. Your hoop dreams can be realized with this realistic pc game.

3. Battlefield 4 This is a game that sold well for pc through most of 2014 and got users very interested in the advanced war game which features vehicle clashes and warfare. Any game that allow users to do battle even on the pc seem to be among the most popular.

Not far behind these top games were other perennial fan favorites like Assassins Creed, and Grand Theft Auto in the latest incarnation. These are all popular games and allow gamers to get the things they are looking for when they are seeking inspiration for the exciting games they wish to play.